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Gérard Abiton left the audience in awe.  His inhuman technical facility and unrestrained romantic expression took our breath away and left us yearning for more. I was so intrigued, I had to see him two days later to believe what I had seen.  I hope he will return often to share his refined art with us.   

Quote press,USA, 2007

An unsual musical sensibility, an incredible talent, Gérard Abiton is really a wonderful guitarist !   

Midi Libre, 2007

In his latest record of Rodrigo, Gérard Abiton has achieved an exceptional interpretation which allows a transparency in the composer   s musical discourse. This record is one of the most beautiful reference for thoses whishing to discover Rodrigo   s work for guitar solo, not only because of the choice of the pieces but also because of the interpretor's talent.   

Guitarist Acoustic 2005

Gérard Abiton is an exceptional and talented guitarist, whose route of excellence fills us with admiration...    

Guitare Classique 2005

...One of the best guitarists in the world ...

Liberation  2001

Majestic, bewitching, the superlative degrees miss to define the concert given  by the guitarist Gérard Abiton ...

The  Republican East 2000

...the  neatness and the address of Gérard Abiton's play made marvel...

Society  of Orchestra Bienne 1981 (Switzerland)

...A  virtuoso, a leading light in the profession...Through  a constant wish to gain clarity and precision, endowed with a  thorough technique, Abiton has the will to highlight a polyphonic  instrument and to make it considered as such.   

Le  pays 1999

...Winner  of the Competition of Musical Execution of Geneva, the French  guitarist    Gérard Abiton magnificently interpreted Bach, Sor,  Giuliani and Britten. This meeting constitutes the biggest guitar  event on stage in Mexico.   

El  Excelsior 1998 (Mexico)

...Gérard  Abiton offers a rare interpretation, marked by mastery and  intelligence. It is quite rare for a guitarist to be convincing in  all the aspects of the play and succeeding in maintaining the same  excellent level ...

Diapason  1998

...In Gérard Abiton's hands, Ponce's music bag pours naturally and  finds its emotional translation rightly. It is magnificent ...

Les  Cahiers de la Guitare 1997

A magnificent guitarist, with elegant touch, full of sharpness,  subtlety...

La  Provence 2003

Precise,  fast, of an incredible neatness, the play of Abiton is a true  happiness.

Lebanon  1996

Gérard Abiton's very sophisticated playing, with a sharp sense of cadence  and singing.

La  republique du centre 1995

The  public held its breath, as hit in full heart... thunders of applause,  the public was enthralled.

Liberation  1998

... He  percieves better than others the importance of the sound quality of  his top colourist he discovers a whole range of  vibrations which embellish his remarkable and noticed performings   

Robert  J. Vidal, producer at Radio-France (France-Musique)

…the Sunday concert at Austadgard was an event... an extraordinary  performing !   

Norway  1999

His perfectly mastered style, his forever brilliant tone and the delicacy  of his performing make of    Gérard Abiton an excellent concert  performer.

Le  Progres 1990

...Gérard Abiton is endowed with a pure technique and with a fine musicality ...

El  Heraldo 1981 (Mexico)

The  extent of Gérard Abiton's talent brings together moments of  drunkenness and moments  of dream, offering an incredible variety of colors and nuances ...  Some big art ...

Le  Pays de Montbeliard 1995

...A very beautiful performing, precise, searched, sensitive and warm ...

Le  Meridional 1994

His  fluid playing, his sensitive performing, a surprising technique  reminded the auditors that Gérard Abiton is an extraordinary  performer !

Hersbruck  2003 (Germany)

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